Windows 8 - low disk space

Ways to Free Up Space in Windows 8

Don’t you just hate it when your Windows 8 machine slows down or, worse, freezes, due to low storage space? This is a common issue in older machines which usually have limited disk space. Don’t fret there are simple ways to clean up some space in your hard drive. use these helpful tips even if your hard drive is far from being full. They will help improve your computer’s overall performance.

Start by checking the status of your hard drive to get an idea on the amount of free space. To find out the free space in your computer, do the following steps: (more…)

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Windows 10

Microsoft eschews Windows 9, calls new OS Windows 10

Microsoft officially announced on Tuesday its brand new operating system, Windows 10. The unveiling was made during a special event held in San Francisco where the features of the new OS where also revealed. These include brand new and returning features, including a revamped Start menu, a version of the Cortana voice assistant (which was frist introduced in the Windows Phone platform), a Notifications Center, the ability to run multiple virtual desktops simultaneously, and much more. The OS is also designed to work across all devices, a feature its predecessor lacked.

While everyone is expecting it to be called Windows 9, a logical follow-up to Windows 8, Microsoft turned in a shocker by naming the latest edition Windows 10. The move, according to Zdnet’s Mary J. Foley, is “to signify that the coming Windows release would be the last ‘major’ Windows update.” (more…)

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windows 9

Microsoft executive calls upcoming OS “Windows 9″

Rumors that Microsoft might call its upcoming Windows version as simply “Windows,” may be just that, a rumor. Microsoft France President Alain Crozier, during a company press event on Wednesday, slipped and publicly called the new OS Windows 9.

During his speech, Crozier said, “Last year we had Windows 8. In the next few minutes, the next few days, we’ll be releasing Windows 9.” The French Microsoft bigwig is likely referring to the press event scheduled next week (September 30) in San Francisco. In that event, the company is supposed to reveal the first details on the next version of Windows, codenamed Threshhold, and how it will help its enterprise customers. (more…)

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Microsoft HD-10

Microsoft to launch own wi-fi streaming dongle

Apart from the highly-anticipated Windows Phone devices like Nokia Lumia 730 and Nokia Lumia 830, Microsoft is also rumored to have plans of unveiling its own wi-fi streaming dongle during the IFA consumer tech show in Germany on September 4. The device, reportedly named HD-10, is said to be the software giant’s answer to Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s Apple TV.

HD-10 is said to be using its own Miracast technology to allow Windows PC, tablets, hybrids and smartphone users to stream or “cast” their display to a larger screen, like an LCD or LED television set, for a better viewing and gaming experience. The streaming dongle is also said to be coming with Wi-Fi and HDMI capabilities along with USB support. (more…)

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Windows 9 preview

Windows 9 Preview to be Unveiled on September 30th

Software giant Microsoft is planning to unveil a preview Windows 9 at a special press event set by the end of September, reported Tom Warren on The Verge. Sources within the company told Warren that the press launch, slated on September 30th or soon thereafter, will detail upcoming changes to Windows 8 via its successor, Windows 9, currently still in development.

The preview aims to provide developers a first look at the major changes in terms of design and features of Windows 9, currently code-named “Threshhold,” compared to its predecessor, which was launched less than two years ago. Warren added that the date of the press event is not yet final and may still change in the coming weeks. (more…)

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